Nixco helps you get green

At Nixco Plumbing Inc., we're proud of our professionals for working to leverage green technologies on behalf of our customers' plumbing needs.

Nixco helps you get green

You can look to us for up-to-date information and advice on:

  • the latest green technology
  • energy-saving appliances and installation know-how
  • environmental impacts of plumbing services, appliances and household practices
  • energy/water/cost savings

Did you know that the average family of four uses 150,000 gallons of water every year? By working with a host of qualified products and technologies, Nixco Plumbing Inc. can help you achieve greater efficiency and reduced usage. You can make your own environment more environmentally friendly through a number of products, including:

  • ENERGY STAR qualified water heaters
  • water filtration solutions
  • low-flow faucet aerators
  • water-saving shower heads
  • high-efficiency toilets

Start saving water, energy and money now. Contact Nixco Plumbing Inc. for a green consultation today.