NVP membership offers impressive benefits

The Nixco Value Plan (NVP) program offers residential customers abundant savings and service priority options. With an annual NVP membership, you can save up to 15 percent off standard-rate pricing, receive monthly specials, enjoy priority scheduling and more.

Benefits of Membership

Join now for only $89.95 and begin your savings with these impressive NVP benefits:

  • Priority scheduling - Your NVP membership qualifies you for Priority Preferred Service status, ensuring you precedence when scheduling for your plumbing needs 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
  • Guaranteed pricing - If problems are noticed during routine service calls, we will bring them to your attention immediately and provide exact pricing information in writing guaranteed.
  • Savings of up to 15% - With your NVP membership, you automatically become eligible for NVP Pricing up to 15 percent off the total cost (labor and materials) of all your plumbing needs for the entire length of your plan. And as an NVP member, you never pay a service call fee!
  • Monthly specials - Because everyone likes a sale, our NVP members receive a different special offer every month. Special discounts, new product trials, special savings and more. Each month, we contact our NVP members via email or snail mail with a special promotion or valuable offer.
  • Savings to share - Every NVP membership includes a $25 savings certificate for you to share with a neighbor, family member or friend. We appreciate your recommendation, and we think they would appreciate your thoughtful gesture.

Extended Warranties Included in the NVP Membership

We’re proud to offer extended warranties to our NVP members. Listed below are the warranties you receive as a member, as long as you retain your service agreement:

  • Standard faucets: 2-year warranty on parts and labor.
  • Water heaters: American water heaters installed by Nixco have a standard 1-year labor, 6-year parts and 12-year tank warranty. Power vent water heaters have a 10-year warranty. The 10/12-year tank warranty will cover the tank only. Installation of a new tank is not included. Upgrade costs from the manufacturer will be added to the cost of installation.
  • Water closets: 2-year warranty on parts and labor.
  • Sump pumps: 2-year warranty
  • Battery back-up sump pumps: 2-year warranty
  • Drain cleanings and augers: 30-day warranty
  • Piping repairs: 2-year warranty

All other repairs for NVP members are warranted for two years, unless noted differently on a service invoice.

Warranty Exclusions Apply:

  • Flappers or any material that has direct contact with bleach tablets or water with a high chlorine or mineral content will only have a 3-month warranty.
  • Drain lines with excessive grease build up or those that have been treated with acids will not be covered by a warranty.
  • All piping repairs for water or drainage will be covered for the repaired area only.
  • Drain line warranties cover interim backup drainage failure only to the lines serviced and where the backup is caused by normal use. The warranty will be void if intervening structural defects, rags, paper towels or any other material not intended to be disposed of through the plumbing system is found.
  • Abuse of plumbing fixtures and normal wear and tear is not covered.
  • Use of acids or harsh chemicals that will affect the appearance of faucets or fixtures will not be covered.

Ready to start saving money and create more peace of mind in your life? Join the Nixco Value Plan by calling (513) 445-5142 today!