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No matter if you prepare your food at home or own your own restaurant, there is one issue that is always going to be associated with cooking - getting rid of the nasty grease that piles up while doing it. A drain that has gotten clogged up with grease not only smells horrible, but it is also a health and safety hazard. The best way to get rid of this nasty predicament is to use a grease trap. Our team at Nixco Plumbing Inc. are trained and experienced to combat all of your grease trap services in Mason. We will mentor you through the process and provide expert maintenance advice along with our services.

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What Are Grease Traps and Interceptors?

A grease trap is a special device that prevents the cooking grease from clogging up your drain and causing it to overflow. In addition, a properly maintained grease trap will prevent harmful waste from entering your area's sewage disposal facility.

How Do You Properly Maintain a Grease Trap?

It is vital that once you have had a grease trap or interceptor installed in your home or business, you look after it with proper care. There are a number of steps that you can take in order to keep your grease trap in prime working condition. For one, keeping them as clean as possible and emptying them right away when they fill up will help immensely. A grease trap that has overflowed due to not being emptied in a timely manner can be a critical health hazard.

Of course, there are many more steps that must be taken in order to ensure that your grease trap works properly. It's important to contact a qualified plumbing expert who can answer all of your questions in this matter. Here at Nixco Plumbing Inc., we understand your needs and concerns. We have a long record of excellent service in the Mason area and are available to service your grease trap in a timely and cost efficient manner.

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What Are the Benefits of Installing a Grease Interceptor?

There are many associated benefits that come from having a grease trap professionally installed in your home or place of business. Some of these include:

  • Grease traps are made to be extremely corrosion resistant and to have a long lifetime of service.
  • Modern grease traps are far superior to previous models, and thus more cost efficient in the long term.
  • Modern grease traps are amazingly portable, easy to install, and easy to service in case any mishaps occur.
  • Above all else, installing a grease trap means eliminating nasty odors that may permeate your premises.

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