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Your kitchen and bathroom are the most used rooms in your home. Your plumbing is the backbone of your appliances' functionality.  Because of this, it is highly crucial that you maintain and address any issues accordingly and promptly.

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When Do You Know If Your Garbage Disposal Needs Repairs?

If you notice that your garbage disposal is beginning to back up, then it is probably in need of repair. In some cases, a garbage disposal backup can be caused by something simple, such as a fish or chicken bone getting caught up in the blades. However, garbage disposal clogs are often more serious and require professional help.

When food is poured inside of a garbage disposal, it is normally chopped up by the blades. The food will be able to easily pass through the pipes when it is chopped up. However, if you notice that the waste is not breaking up and dissolving, then your garbage disposal is probably broken.

When Is It Necessary to Replace Your Faucet?

You should consider replacing the faucet if you notice that it is rusting. You may also need replacement if you notice that there are strange sounds coming from the faucet. The sound could be coming from the pipes. However, in order for one to tell where the sounds are coming from, the faucet will need to be taken apart and then reassembled. This is a job that is best left to a professional.

Additionally, if your faucet is old, then you may need to get it replaced. Replacing your old faucet with a new one can help you save money. New faucets are more water efficient, which can help you save money on your water bill.

How to Avoid Kitchen Sink Blockages

Kitchen sinks routinely become slow from oil and grease which tend to solidify and build up over time. Knowing how to keep your drain from becoming blocked can save you plenty of time and money. Better yet, maintaining free-flowing drains makes it easier to keep your kitchen sink clean and clear.

  • Ditch the grease - First things first: don’t pour grease or oil down the drain, ever! However, if you accidentally pour grease down the drain, use this tip to help prevent a clog from forming. Simply boil a big pot of water, squirt a generous amount of dish liquid into your drain and pour the boiling water into the drain. The detergent helps to dissolve oil and grease while the boiling water melts the deposits and flush them away. If the buildup is substantial, consider repeating the process about two to three times.
  • Hot water - Simply putting hot water down your kitchen sink drain at least every week can also go a long way in helping to keep your sinks clean and clear.
  • Use cold water wisely - When running your garbage disposal, it’s important that you run cold water down the drain rather than hot. Hot water will melt and soften grease, encouraging it to coat inside your drain while cold water will keep grease and oils in a solid state so they’re easily broken up by the disposal. Only use hot water after you’ve already run the disposal to help get rid of grease deposits that may have formed when you were washing dishes.

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What Are Some Benefits of a Professional Drain Cleaning?

Many people think that professional drain cleaning is only good for removing clogs. However, there are actually a number of other benefits that come with professional drain cleaning. Drain cleaning should be a regular part of your home maintenance because it can help prevent plumbing emergencies.

If your drains are kept clear, then plumbing problems are less likely to occur. This can help you save money, time, and frustration. Your fixtures are less likely to experience damage from flooding and other plumbing problems.

A drain that is clogged or slow often has an odor. Professional drain cleaning can help remove odors. Even if your drains seem like they are working fine, there are several things that can cause it to develop odors such as food particles and residue building up inside of the pipe.

Slow drains are a problem that many people ignore, but this is a sign that your drain is probably getting ready to develop a clog. A professional drain cleaning can help eliminate build up so that your drains are able to empty faster.

Furthermore, it is not a good idea to use chemical drain cleaners. They have harmful chemicals and they are not good for your health. Professional drain cleaning eliminates the need to use harmful chemical drain cleaners.

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