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Drinking Fountain & Installation Services in Mason, OH

Water fountains are extremely useful to have. In addition to providing an easy drinking alternative to using cups, water fountains are perfect for commercial environments and help to keep the morale up. However, sometimes they need replacing.

At Nixco Plumbing Inc., we are equipped with the appropriate tools and knowledge to diagnose and treat all of your water fountain services. We work fast and efficiently. Count on us to become your Mason commercial plumber to assist you in your drinking water fountain installation and repair services.

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When Do You Know If Your Water Fountain Needs Repair?

The most common sign that a water fountain is in need of repair is a water leak. A water leak tends to be a relatively minor problem that can easily be handled.

Another sign is the temperature of the water; overly warm water can be a sign that the temperature regulator has blown. A coolant leak is a more costly problem, but one that is necessary. Without it, not only will the water not be cool, but the entire system runs the risk of overheating.

When Should You Consider a Replacement?

There will eventually come a time when a water fountain needs to be replaced rather than spending money on repairs. However, you can save yourself quite a bit in expenses if you learn how to properly identify when it should be replaced. The easiest way, of course, is to consult us. At Nixco Plumbing Inc., we're happy to offer an evaluation of your fountain and let you know what steps you should take.

However, if your fountain has major damage because of a lack of coolant or other major issue, you may be better off replacing it completely; once the damage passes a certain point, it's more cost effective to replace the unit and cut your losses rather than attempt to repair it.

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What Are the Benefits of Water Fountain Replacement?

If you have to replace your fountain, you should take note of what the benefits will be. This will help to justify the cost of replacement.

  • Clean drinking water: When your fountain is replaced, you can rest easy knowing the drinking water is clean and pure.
  • Save time on repairs: Reduce complaints of malfunctions from employees, saving time on repairs and lost productivity.
  • Employees stay well hydrated: Their improved health will increase the morale around the entire office and make the workday more bearable.
  • Saves money on energy costs: As time goes on and the fountains become more and more energy efficient, the old unit you might currently have could be costing far more than a newer unit might.

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