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Water Heater Services in Mason, OH

Water heating is typically the third largest energy expense for households in Ohio, so it makes sense to ensure that your water heater is running as efficiently as possible. It's just as important to recognize any unexpected malfunction that may occur, as well. Without prompt attention, even a small glitch in the system can quickly lead to a flood of problems.

Whether you own a traditional storage-tank water heater, hybrid, solar model, or a tankless water heater, the experts at Nixco Plumbing Inc. have the skills and experience to resolve any water heater issue. We're proud of our reputation for providing quality repair and maintenance services. Whether you need a fast and effective repair when your water heater suddenly stops producing hot water or an annual checkup to ensure your system is operating safely, Nixco Plumbing Inc. is your source for prompt, reliable, and quality hot water solutions. Count on us to become your reliable Mason and Cincinnati plumber for your water heater services.

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What Are Some Common Water Heater Problems and Their Causes?

Although today's modern water heaters are generally reliable when properly maintained, problems can still occasionally arise. Common problems range from little or no hot water production to unexplained rumbling, popping, and whining noises.

Causes for these problems include:

  • Faulty parts
  • Undersized units
  • Overheating due to sediment build-up

A rotten egg odor can indicate a build-up of bacteria in the tank. Rust-colored water is a sign of damaging corrosion.

When Do You Know If You Need to Repair or Replace Your Unit?

One of the most serious water heater problems is leaking water, which is sometimes caused by faulty temperature and pressure (T&P) relief valves. If the leak is caused by corrosion in the water tank, however, you'll likely need to replace the water heater.

Outdated water heaters more than ten years old or systems that simply aren't meeting your household's water heating needs are also good candidates for replacement. A new energy-efficient model can significantly lower your monthly utility bills, as well. The professionals at Nixco Plumbing Inc. can troubleshoot problems with your hot water quickly and help you determine whether a repair or a replacement in the most cost-effective option.

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How Do You Extend Your Water Heater's Service Life?

With proper care, traditional hot water heaters typically last between 10 and 15 years. Depending on the type of water heater system that you have, routine maintenance can include flushing the storage tank every few months to reduce a build-up of sediment, inspecting T&P valves for efficiency, and making sure that components are free of corrosion.

Annual preventive maintenance services for your water heater system not only extend the system's longevity but are essential to safe and efficient operation, as well.

Domestic water that arrives to your Ohio home carries minerals that can cause rust on metal parts and components. To prevent corrosion from rust, storage tanks are equipped with a bar made with magnesium called an anode rod. The rod protects the tank by attracting damaging materials. By having the anode rod checked regularly and replaced as needed, you can double the life of your water heater.

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