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Ejector Pumps Services in Mason, OH

Basements are quite common in Mason, Ohio residences. This is a great additional space for storage, laundry, and even living space. However, whenever you have a basement, there is a potential for flooding. This is usually prevented through the use of a sump pump.

Many homeowners are familiar with these pumps but do not know the purpose of the second pump, an ejector pump, that they find in the laundry room or bathroom. This pump handles waste water and is equally necessary for the safety and health of your home.

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What Are Ejector Pumps?

Ejector pumps are systems that pump water from inside a basement laundry room or bathroom to an outside source. The ejector pump has a sealed lid on the basin and a vent pipe for sewer gases. All of these materials are pumped into a sewer line for disposal.

What Is Their Purpose?

The purpose of an ejector pump is to collect waste water and dump it to an outside source via a sanitary sewer line. Waste water from the washing machine, the toilet, and the sink are all collected in this pump's system.

This prevents waste water from flooding and causing water damage to the foundation and inside the home. It is also a sanitary measure as waste is not allowed to hang around and cause a health hazard.

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What's the Difference Between Ejector Pumps and Sump Pumps?

Ejector pumps operate and often look the same as sump pumps. The difference is the purpose for which they are intended and the destination of the water that they pump out.

Ejector pumps are intended for waste water; they deliver water into the sewer line. Sump pumps collect groundwater and pump it onto the lawn or the municipal sewer system. Sump pumps are used as more of a protection against flooding, while ejector pumps work as part of the plumbing to keep waste water flowing where it should go.

If a homeowner is looking for basement flood protection, a sump pump is what they are looking for. If that basement also contains a laundry room or bathroom, an ejector pump will also be needed.

Sump pumps are quite important to the protection of your home and your family, but ejector pumps are equally important to your health. These useful pumps provide a safeguard against both flooding and unsanitary waste. We can provide a recommendation specific to your home's needs.

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