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A tankless water heater is an efficient option for your home that operates differently than traditional heaters. Tankless units do not store heated water. They use heating elements in order to heat water instantly as it runs through the plumbing towards a sink or bathtub.

We can place these units in nearly any type of home. They can provide more hot water at a faster rate than conventional tank heaters. Tankless water heaters provide several benefits for your home.

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What Are the Advantages of Tankless Water Heaters Over Traditional Water Heaters?

One of the main benefits of the tankless water heaters we install is that they save energy. Unlike traditional water heaters, tankless units will only activate when there is a need for hot water. They do not run all day using energy and fuel just to keep unused water warm.

Another advantage is cleaner water. The tankless heater does not accumulate as much scale and debris as conventional tanks. Water does not sit in the tank for hours absorbing minerals and other substances.

A final large advantage is that tankless water heaters provide a consistent supply of hot water. The unit will continually provide heated water on demand for as long as necessary.

How Long Do Tankless Units Last?

The tankless water heaters we work with are built to be very durable. They require less maintenance than traditional water heaters. They are also much less susceptible to scale and other issues caused by holding water in a tank for hours at a time.

Average tankless water units will last for between 10 and 15 years. Many include warranties for this period of time. Tankless water heaters can actually last for much longer. You could find the unit lasts for 20 years or more with correct care and maintenance. This is far longer than the average of six to ten years for conventional tank water heaters.

Are Tankless Units Ideal for Larger or Smaller Households?

We can install a tankless water heater in any size home. They are designed for homes that are small to medium in size although this really depends on water use and the number of people inside.

Tankless water heaters can usually produce anywhere from two to six gallons of hot water every minute. This flow rate might not be enough to supply a large home where multiple people are all regularly using hot water at the same time as appliances. The real issue is how many people that live in the same house will need hot water at the same time. Tankless water heaters can support an average family without any problems.

Selecting the Right Size Tankless Water Heater

Figuring out the size of tankless water heater you need requires a little research. Tankless water heaters are rated by the temperature rise they can produce at a given flow rate. So, to get the right sized heater, you need to determine the flow rate and desired temperature rise for the heater’s application (whole house or remote application) on your premises.

  • Step 1: Start by determining the maximum number of devices you want to run and their flow rates. Add up the total flow rate in gallons per minute to get the desired flow rate for your demand heater. This includes all dishwashers, showers, sinks, washers and tubs that you run at the same time. You can get a general idea of your devices’ flow rates by doing a simple Google search. If you’re running two showers at the same time, for example, you will need a tankless water heater with a higher average flow GPM (gallons of hot water per minute) than if you’ll be running a single shower.
  • Step 2: Determine the required temperature rise. This is the difference between the incoming water temperature and the desired water temperature.

    For example, if the temperature of your cold tap water is 55°F, and you want your water heated to around 110–120°F, you need a tankless water heater that produces a temperature rise of 55°F.

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What Are Some Other Uses for Tankless Water Heaters?

Tankless water heaters are not just for sinks and faucets. We can also install units for a few other purposes. Tankless water heaters can be installed to pre-heat water for appliances like dishwashers or washing machines. They can be used to generate hot water for hot tubs or bathrooms not connected to the main water supply. A tankless heater can even be used to supplement a solar water heating system.

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