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Important Information Regarding Backflow Testing That Everyone Needs To Know

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Backflow Testing Is Dangerously Important: Here’s Why

A world without backflow testing is a world filled with dangerous and infectious diseases, to say the least. There is a lot about backflow testing that homeowners aren’t aware of, and now is when they were made aware. Not only is it important to have routine backflow testing done, but it is equally as important to ensure the person doing the testing is a certified professional.

Backflow testing doesn’t get talked about a lot, but it is literally a life-saving service that costs little money from the homeowner. Below is all the information homeowners need to know about backflow testing and certification.

What Backflow Is and Why It’s Dangerous

Backflow is quite possibly the biggest threat to public safety a modern home can be. Indoor plumbing is a beautiful thing and is now considered a necessity in all American homes. However, there are different variables within the plumbing system, including cross-connections and certain pressure requirements. When these variables aren’t exactly as they should be, backflow can occur.

Essentially, backflow is when wastewater crosses with the freshwater plumbing line and causes the wastewater to contaminate the freshwater that flows into the home. One can only imagine the dangers caused by this, including infectious diseases and damage to the piping system.

Not only does it speed up the corrosion process to cause holes in the piping system, but it directly threatens the health of those living in the home. Often, when backflow occurs, it happens to entire neighborhoods too. So, the dangers are that much more of a threat because it happens to multiple homes at once.

What Backflow Certification Means and Why It’s Important

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Backflow certification is the most important thing to look for when hiring a backflow tester. There are a few questions homeowners might want to ask the plumber before hiring them for the job, some of which include:

  • Is your certification valid?
  • May I see your valid certification?
  • How long have you been a professional backflow tester?
  • How often do you perform this test?
  • What does your backflow testing process entail?

A certified professional backflow tester will be able to answer all of these questions without hesitation. Then, and only then, should the homeowner even consider hiring the tester for their home.

professional plumberWhy Homeowners Should Only Hire Experienced Professionals

It’s not enough to only call a professional when there are noticeable differences in the water, like smells, taste, and appearance. Sometimes contamination can occur before there is a noticeable difference. That is the scariest part. That is why regular backflow testing is recommended, especially in homes that have fallen victim to backflow before.

Hiring a certified professional that is not only trained in backflow testing but also has experience performing such tests is crucial. There are many people out there that claim they can provide backflow testing. Still, without certification and some experience on their side, a professional plumber could easily miss a sign of backflow contamination. It’s not enough just to be a plumber. There is a certain level of expertise involved in backflow testing that must be apparent before hiring.

Nixco Plumbing Inc. Has the Answers

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