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Keep Your Lemonade Tasty With Filtered Water


Picture this. It’s a hot, sweltering day, much like today. You’ve been working out in the yard, you’re hot, sweaty and thirsty, and you see some neighborhood kids with a lemonade stand. For 50 cents, you purchase a tall glass.

You’re in desperate need of hydration, and of course, you want to help the local kids earn a little spending money. However, what you weren’t expecting was an unpleasant taste due to not having a water filter.

Worse yet, imagine hosting a luncheon and serving your guests a fresh pitcher of iced tea. The color is perfect; you’ve learned the perfect ratio of water to fresh-squeezed lemon juice. You’ve perfected the amount of sugar to add so that the lemonade is tart, but not sour.

Ice cubes and lemon slices float seductively at the top of the glass pitcher, making your lemonade look perfectly tantalizing. As you fill your guests’ glasses and they take a sip, you can tell by their reaction that something doesn’t taste right. No, it wasn’t too much lemon juice or too little sugar - it was the mistake you made of using unfiltered water.

What causes this distasteful problem? Extra ingredients that certainly have no place in your otherwise delicious lemonade. Here’s what’s lurking in your water, and how to get rid of it.

Why Be Concerned With Hard Water?

hardwaterA common cause of an unpleasant taste in tap water is hard water. Hard water is defined as water with high mineral content, such as magnesium, sulfates (which can be particularly notorious for its overpowering smell and taste), gypsum, calcium, and others.

The cause of hard water is usually the percolation of water through an area where there are substantial mineral deposits, allowing the minerals to infiltrate the water with impurities, thus affecting the taste and smell.

Hard water is more obvious to us if we drink a glass of tap water; we recognize the taste immediately. However, when mixing iced tea or lemonade, using filtered water is not always obvious. A simple solution? Consider having a water softening system installed. Water softeners vary in their design and capacity.

Some are affixed directly to the faucet, while others include internal mechanisms that are installed under the sink. Regardless of what sort of water softener you use, the function of a water softener is to effectively remove the unwanted minerals and impurities from your tap water, allowing you to have crisp, clean drinking water for lemonade, iced tea, and of course, ice water.

Opt for The Whole House Water Filter

wholehousewaterfilterA whole house water filtration system, as its name suggests, is a filtration system that supplies your entire house with clean, filtered, delicious water.

This means whenever you fill a pot with water to cook with, take a shower, use the garden hose, fill up your pet’s water bowl, or, of course, make lemonade, you are using purified, mineral-free water.

Advanced water filtration systems also remove fluoride, chlorine and other trace chemicals from your water. You’ll be amazed by what a difference it makes having fresh, purified water throughout your home.

UV Filters - The Future

uvwaterfiltersA third option to consider is a UV water filter. UV water filtration systems, though newer to the market and somewhat lesser-known, are a gamechanger.

UV water filtration is believed to be the most effective method of removing impurities and chemicals from your home’s water.

Using ultraviolet light, impurities including microbes, bacteria, and other potentially illness-causing bacteria are destroyed. UV water filtration is another method of providing whole-house water filtration, and it is becoming increasingly popular.

It is chemical-free, extremely effective, and healthy to drink. Whether you’re making lemonade or simply want to ensure you’re taking the proper precautions to check the purity of your drinking water, call an expert to have a series of simple tests done to check your drinking water for chemicals, minerals, and microbes.

To get in touch with an expert about purifying your water today, call Nixco Plumbing Inc. Remember, when life hands you lemons, make delicious lemonade with crisp, purified water.